BrandBacker Member Got Beef With Veganism? Here’s Why It’s Cheesy

Got Beef With Veganism? Here’s Why It’s Cheesy

Thursday, July 12, 2018

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Urgh, just the word “veganism” makes red-blooded men and women break out into a sweat. Imagine a life without meat and then times it by ten. Oh, and there is no dairy either to ease you into the transition. It’s purely animal-free products from here on in, people. Judging by the last couple of sentences, it’s no wonder that non-vegans raise their eyebrows in skepticism. Isn’t vegetarianism enough? Like, come on!


Beef with veganism isn’t a rare occurrence. Most people won’t only get on board, but they’ll view it as if it’s some Scientology-style cult. Sorry to all the Scientologists out there, by the way. But, look behind the curtain, and you may find a few things that you like. Let’s face it – everyone can do with eating less meat. This is particularly true now that red meat is classed as a carcinogenic by the WHO.


Did that last little fact make the hairs on the back of the neck stand to attention? If it did, then there is more where that came from by checking out the following. Okay, it’s not as if these will make you want to stop eating steak, but they will broaden your view. Are you ready to be enlightened? Great, then let’s go.


Lowers The Risk Of Heart Disease

Heart disease is up there as one of the biggest killers in the western world. Along with a stroke, there isn’t much which kills people off more than a weak ventricle. The difference between the two is that one is entirely preventable. Yep, you got it right – it’s heart disease.


Sure, hearts are subject to change through biological factors such as genetics. However, what the stats show is that an unhealthy lifestyle causes the majority of problems. Drinking too much alcohol, smoking too many cigarettes, and, you guessed it, overeating are the main culprits. Add to this the fact that exercise is on the decline and you can see how humanmade the problem is.


Cigarettes and alcohol have nothing to do with veganism, but overeating is within its wheelhouse. Swapping burgers and hot dogs for tofu and soy milk is clinically proven to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. As a result, the heart doesn’t weaken.


Reverses Illnesses

When someone has an illness, the first thing they do is reach for the medicine cabinet. Swallow a couple of pills and everything will be fine in the morning. After all, this is a proud pill-popping nation and no amount of bandwagon-jumping will change that. Of course, drugs are unhealthy because they kill off nerve receptors and destroy brain cells. Still, there is no other way right?