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Food For Thought: Going After A Career In Agriculture

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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For the professional millennial desperately trying to prove themselves in a challenging and capricious marketplace, you could be forgiven for thinking that the future is unquestionably digital. As we become more and more dependent upon digital devices to help us manage our lives in a wider range of respects from project management to buying groceries, it’s easy to assume that the forward thinking young professional’s career path lies in the digital realm. Perhaps this is why young high school and college graduates are flooding towards opportunities in digital marketing, app development and the like.


As such, you may not have thought all that much about a career in agriculture. As the convenience of fast food and online shopping inevitably mean that we become more and more detached from the supply chain it’s easy to think of food as some sort of infinitely renewable resource… But it isn’t. As the population grows and our resources become ever more finite, the world of agriculture needs bright young mind to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.


People will always need to eat.


As technology expands its reach into a broader range of industries than ever before, more and more industries are finding themselves obsolete or irrevocably changed by increased mechanization and digitization. Moreover, those industries deemed luxuries in times of economic hardship can tank almost overnight. The world of agriculture however is one of the few constants upon which we can all rely. People will always need to eat, after all.


The world of agriculture is extremely diverse.


If you think that starting your own farm is the only way to get into the world of agriculture, think again. Agriculture offers huge diversity in jobs and careers meaning that whatever your education or skill set you can find a lucrative and rewarding career in the agricultural realm. If you’re an engineering major, you could put your skills to great use devising and improving agricultural equipment. Contact us at MKC to get a better idea of the kind of equipment that your skills could one day revolutionize. If you’re a sterling sales professional, your skills could be put to good use selling feed, machinery or raw materials to farmers or selling produce on to retailers and distributors.


Your skills are sorely needed.


There is currently a dearth of college educated candidates in the agricultural industry. Data gleaned from the