BrandBacker Member How You Can Keep a Calm Head When Disaster Strikes

How You Can Keep a Calm Head When Disaster Strikes

Monday, July 9, 2018

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Our stress levels can rise at any time. It might be a problem with work, it might be that you have financial issues that need addressing, or it could even be an issue with your relationship. But there are other factors that can cause your stress levels to rise. Unforeseen disasters in the home such as leaking pipes, burglary, damage to the building or even things like pest infestations. So, how do you keep your cool?


Make Sure You Have the Experts on Speed Dial

Problems can arise in the home, problems when we don’t expect them to, and often these can be the cause of rising stress levels. Disaster can strike at any moment. We could come home to find our house has been broken into, maybe you wake up to an electrical fault or even a leaking pipe causing major damage to your home. However, to avoid the stress taking control, have the expert details to hand. You could have the #1 Plumber telephone number, an electricians details who is local, building experts, legal professionals details and have them stored away in one handy book. You can then have this as your “got to” four resolving any issues that arise quickly and without the need to feel stressed.


Learn to Breath Through the Moments

Sometimes these moments can sneak up on us when we least expect it, and I understand that. Many times when you start to feel stressed it is because something has caught you by surprise and not in a good way. So learn to breath through the moments. Take time to slowly take deep breaths and count to ten. Promise that at the end of that moment you will be calm and rationalise the situation, rather than panicking which can be a way that stress levels increase.


Practice Other Methods to Reduce Stress Levels

It may be wise to consider some of the other ways that you can reduce the stress in your life, and by doing so, it can actually help you to handle different situations better. First of all, you have things like exercise. Exercise is a great stress reliever and can actually be a great way to clear your head. Other methods people try would be meditation, where you can clearly work on your thoughts and your mindset and slowly release any tension you may have built up. Doing these things can help you to handle stressful situations far easier.