BrandBacker Member 6 Straight-Talking Tips For A Healthy Spine

6 Straight-Talking Tips For A Healthy Spine

Monday, July 9, 2018

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One of the biggest issues among adults is back pain. It’s a running joke through your teens that getting old means a crick in the neck and an ache in the muscles, but back pain is not a laughing matter. Millions of people are affected by pain in their back every single day and that pain can range from a twinge here and there to a debilitating condition such as Cauda Equina Syndrome, which can change the quality of life that you are used to in an instant.


Your spine isn’t just the long bone in your back: it extends into your neck and is attached to your pelvis and ribcage. Your spine holds you up and ensures that your body is moving properly. When you have issues in your spine, you can find that you are prevented from moving in the way that you want to, and you aren’t able to perform the smallest tasks anymore. Taking care of your spine – including your neck – nice and early in life will mean that you have less issues later on. Below, you’ll find some of the best tips out there for taking care of your spine and keeping your back healthy.


Lift The Right Way

Whether you are in manual labour or not, you need to know how to lift something heavy correctly. Keeping your back straight, bending at the knees and standing close to the item in question can all help you to lift it properly. If it feels too heavy, get help rather than overexert your spine.


Sleep Well

Sleeping gets you rest, but it’s not about the length of time you sleep, but where you do it. Sleeping on a lumpy old mattress is going to cause you muscular aches and pains, so buying a new mattress from is a better option. You need the right mattress for your weight and height so that you can ensure that you are getting the right support.



Every morning and evening, you should be taking part in stretching exercises. Not only do these keep your muscles warm and limber, it keeps the muscles surrounding the spine healthy and supported well. You reduce your risk of injury by stretching every day.



By sitting still, you are at an increased risk of back pain because you’re not moving enough. Stiff muscles and an inactive physical life all point to an increased risk of aches and pains as well as injury. keep your body moving to keep the spine strong.