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Fix Your Fears and Break the Cycle of Anxiety

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Fear is one of those horrible, crippling things that stop us from doing and being everything we want to be in life. Ultimately, we feel fear because we are trying to deal with change or something that is different, which can go one of two ways: you can either embrace change, or you can run away from it. So, the overall feeling of anxiety in life is something that appears to be on the increase, but what can we do to keep that anxiety down, and break the cycle?


Think Rationally

This can be very difficult to get your head around during an anxious situation but by thinking about these fears in a more rational sense, either by viewing it from a different perspective, or thinking about the physiological reasons behind why you are feeling what you’re feeling, you can begin to take control again. This is a vital tool in anybody's arsenal when it comes to breaking the anxiety cycle. It's been said before, but tools like meditation, mindfulness, or deep breathing work to help you take control over your frame of mind. Ultimately, it's counterproductive to feel fear on a regular basis. We have to remember that we developed this fight or flight response because we were being chased by large mammals. And when you think about every aspect of life that can cause fear, we would never leave the house. The law office of William W. Hurst provides startling information about the fact that a person is killed in a traffic accident every 2 hours. This is something that we shouldn't think about on a regular basis, because of these problems can focus our fear, and gradually grind us down. So what is the key?


Fix Your Nervous System

As already stated, it's a physiological sensation, fight or flight. And if you can focus on repairing your autonomic nervous system by changing your psychological makeup, it can be fixed. This sounds incredibly complex and convoluted but there's one trick to changing your psychological makeup, and that is faking it until you make it. You might not consider acting confident to be an easy thing, but this is where you will feel beneficial results. Since the brain is unable to differentiate between what is real and what is imaginary, you can use this trick to force your brain into positivity.


It's something that can take a long time but it can be done; the trick is about breaking down the necessary components of your anxiety. By looking at it from a rational perspective, by working at changing the psychological makeup, and your own attitudes towards the subject, you can begin to tackle the problems. This is why cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling techniques are proven to be invaluable to people with a negative outlook.


When you are anxious or depressed, it can be a very difficult thing to break out of but by breaking down the problem, you are giving yourself the building blocks necessary to rebuild your life again.