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Home & Design: Where to Get The Inspiration

Friday, May 18, 2018

As you have probably noticed by now, I love me some home decor! There's just something about decorating a new room that can immediately put my mind at ease. But, how do I find the inspiration? Where do all my DIY ideas come from? I'm about to let you in on some of my secrets!


When I'm in the process of mapping out a client's home with a moodboard, sometimes I need a little inspiration. Great Idea Hub is my little helper. Their catalogue of posts is impeccable. They write to inspire others interested in home design or DIY to go after what they thought was impossible or to even figure out what would work best in their home.


Great Idea Hub is my source for ideas when my brain goes blank. I can get home decor, living room ideas, kitchen designs and so much more! It's such an amazing find. I have no idea how I lived without it for so long. It's a one-stop-shop for design stress relief. They source posts from those who have been in the industry for year, so you know you're getting the right information.

Let's find your style.



I absolutely love creating pieces myself. I have pieces all over my house that have just come from the recesses of my mind. It's a great way to bring personality to a room or home and with your new piece, no one will ever have your style. It's really a win, win. On Great Idea Hub, you'll find posts on the perfect makeup vanity on the cheap or how to put up your own shiplap accent wall. (Something I don't think I could do!) The choice is yours.



It's my first love. But, math not so much. That's why I steered myself towards design. It's in the same family but the measurements are much easier to assess. It's perfect that I can count on someone else more knowledgeable to help me on the tough subjects. This section of Great Idea Hub features some gorgeous complete home renovations of all shapes, sizes and styles. You're bound to find what you're looking for, or more likely, a design you weren't even expecting. Who's to say which is better?



Their interior design section covers every room in the home. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, you name it and you can find designs to complete it. The website is full of current color trends, how to decorate with plants and the best do's and don'ts of personal home decoration. The best part? Great Idea Hub doesn't just cater to homeowners, there's plenty of ideas you can do right now while renting!


Sometimes it hits you hard like a ton of bricks, and other times you head to Great Idea Hub to figure out how to place your bed in your tiny studio apartment. Your brain ends up on empty sometimes and that's okay. Mi