BrandBacker Member The Hands-Free Backpack for the Woman on the Go

The Hands-Free Backpack for the Woman on the Go

Monday, May 14, 2018


When the designer of Robbin Mary Lee Designs reached out to request a brand collab, I was ecstatic. Their totes and purses are hand-made, durable and come in a variety of trendy colors and patterns. Why would I turn that down?


My love for this brand comes from their story. Created by a mother/ daughter duo, this brand was built from the ground up. They started with a love of affordable fashion and built a line that speaks to every wallet, no matter the size. RMLD is allowing their clients to have both fashion and peace of mind and that's a hashtag I could get behind. With prices curated for the average woman, every woman on the go has the ability to purchase a designer bag.

I chose to recieve the yellow backpack because the color/pattern combo was too flattering to pass up. (I'm a huge sucker for color in almost any combination.) I'm in love with the details put into these bags. The stitching is impeccable, the fabrics are beautiful and they aren't carbon copies of other purse lines already on the market. The duo designed these bags straight from the heart because they saw a need and knew they could fill it.


The structure of the backpack actually threw me for a loop, at first. I'm used to a hard, sturdy leather shell but I actually loooove that this bag is so lightweight. There's no need for bulky, heavy leather. It's definitely sturdy enough to hold my laptop and camera but the fabric adds very few extra pounds which is a major plus. It's pretty genius and I was thoroughly impressed after a long day of being out and about for work errands. It held up rather well to my ripping and running around without me feeling the need to check it every few minutes for damage. It was a relief to know my electronics were safe, and honestly, that's all I want in a backpack. Well, electronic safety and beauty.

The clasp hooks are one of my favorite features. I like being able to close my bag but still dig in real quick and grab my wallet or sunglasses. It's very lazy-moment friendly that way. Your valuables are secure and completely away from the harm of the sun or elements. There's also a couple pockets for easy access to essentials because is a purse without pockets even a purse at all? (No.)


There's also the color change on the inside that helps their bags really stand out. They each have a second pattern for the liner which is pretty dope. I love a bag with a little sass. It's nice to see a designer willing to take