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The Best FREE Apps for Organizing Your Chaotic Life

Monday, May 7, 2018

Working a 9-5, a side hustle and building your own brand can add more than you planned to your calendar. 


Scheduling social media, planning out blog posts, engaging with other amazing creatives. I could go on and on. There's so much to do on a daily basis and not enough time. I knew I needed help before I pulled all my hair out. 


These apps and websites have calmed my anxiety so much!! And, I have way more time on my hands. 


Google Keep

This a lifesaver for my social media and lists. Groceries, morning routines, social media hashtag groups; you name it! It's a great notepad for new ideas and things you need to get down quickly before you forget them. I keep this app on the home page of my phone for quick access. I have a daily before work routine that I follow before I get ready for my 9-5. 



PINTEREST IS KING in my world. I accidently went a few days without using it and noticed a huge difference in blog views. I schedule at least 2 weeks in advance to give me a breather. It's my largest blog traffic source so it has to stay running. I use the FREE version so there are limitations but I'm still in some amazing tribes that help my posts reach more people than my followers alone.


Google Calendar Tasks

This is so cool! I've always used the calendar but never the tasks portion! I love this because it helps me identify what actually needs to be done today and what's just an event or a reminder of something else. The best part is that the task disappears once marked complete which is a visual a visual anxiety killer.



My favorite scheduling app for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Again, I'm using the FREE version here so I get 10 scheduled posts per platform. I schedule those out depending on how often I want to post on each and place a task on my calendar to schedule more the day before the queue runs out. Twitter and Facebook are to quick copy and paste since I'm only scheduling posts for services and blog posts. I engage on both in my free time each day. For Instagram, I use this app for @SolelyLiving, my online home decorating business. I post once a day so that gives me a 9 day break between schedules. In that time, I edit whenever I think about it so it's a quick 20 minute task every 9 days.



@SolelyLiving on Instagram is always a work in progress. It's the one social media outlet I'm not quite vibing with right now. So, the easiest thing for me to do is schedule my 3 posts/ day each morning when I wake up. I keep the edited versions in Plann because I can order them exactly how I want them. Not scheduling in advance means I can keep as many pics as I feel I need in the app ready to go. It also allows me to make any last minute changes to my post schedule should I realize I missed a holiday or important event that should be addressed.