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The Chic Dump Dinner

Monday, April 23, 2018

One of my biggest pet peeves in the household is wasting food. I save and portion out leftovers, freeze everything before it can go bad and use everything in my kitchen before its expiration date. This meal came out of a rough few weeks. My car decided to break down, causing me to use all my leftover "play money" on Ubers and Lyfts, leaving no money 3 days before payday for extra food. (On a budget tip, I send money to savings every paycheck so I can't spend it on non-necessities, like this minor inconvenience.)


This "chic dump dinner" as I'm naming it, turned out amazingly well. I do pride myself on knowing what flavors go well together, even if I've never tried them together.  Of the couple of random handfuls of food we had left for the week, there was rice spaghetti, a bunch of veggies I don't eat and these meatless meatballs we'd never tried. I said, "What the hell?!" 


The great thing about these