BrandBacker Member How to Start Writing When You Can't Find the Starting Line

How to Start Writing When You Can't Find the Starting Line

Monday, April 16, 2018

I keep running across savvy business women who are in the midst of starting a blog but are deadlocked on what to write about, stuck on where to begin or just have no idea how to create their very first blog post. So, I wanted to give my steps for "just writing". 

I say "just write" all the time because it's literally the best medicine for a creative block. So, follow my steps, see what you come up with and let me know how it goes! But, above all else, JUST WRITE.

Step 1.
What do you want to write about? Do you have too many topics or none at all? If you have topics in mind, choose one, any one, but just one. If you need a topic, take 10 seconds to think. The first topic that pops into your head is your topic. Don't think too hard during this step or you might think yourself right into a fret and stop on step 1. This step is meant to be quick and simple. No heavy lifting.

Step 2.
Start writing. When you don't know what to write or where to start, your best bet is to free-write. By this, I mean, "just write". You've already chosen your topic in step 1 so whatever comes to mind next is where you go from there. Don't stop yourself. Your thoughts will stop on their own. Write whether it makes sense or not. You aren't worried about sense or correctness or even grammar right now. You just need to get your thoughts on paper (or screen). So, "just write".

Step 3.
Read through your work 3 times. I know this sounds super simple but the catch is, there's still no editing yet. The purpose of this step is to truly know what you've just written. You just wrote for however long on whatever topic without thinking. This step is where you think. Read what you've written and think about each line. See why you wrote them and where they came from, taking mental notes of what makes sense and what is utterly trash. (Just so you know, nothing you ever write will be trash, only a lesson is betterment.)

Step 4.
Edit, change and add content where you feel it's necessary. This is the good stuff I know you've been waiting for. You actually get to make sense of the blurry bundle you've just written. Switch your sentences around, take some out, add some in and edit, edit, edit! Once you're done, you'll have a post or article you are super happy to have written.

I hope these steps help you "just write"! If you end up posting or publishing your work, leave the link in your comment! I'd love to check it out!