BrandBacker Member 6 Apps That Pay You for Stuff You Do Everyday Anyway

6 Apps That Pay You for Stuff You Do Everyday Anyway

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Who runs the world....MONEY. And, you need lots of it to be able to do even the most normal of things, like have a roof over your head, an easily accessible way to get to and from work and just simply fill your fridge with groceries. The prices keep going up but salaries, if you're lucky, stay the same. Not to mention, we are continuously being hounded about saving money for emergencies and retirement.


So, due to all the stress of being young, smart and independent, I have found some supplemental ways to even out my income. The apps below are all apps I have tried, enjoyed and saw results from using. 




Streaming shows is a huge pastime amongst pretty much everybody. You can stream through so many platforms now that it makes it virtually impossible to say, "I didn't have time." If you have time to read this blog, you have time to turn on a streaming device and earn some points that can be converted into cash. With Viggle, check in to the show you are watching and complete the tasks that pops up during every Viggle break. You earn points for every minute of show watched but you have to participate in every Viggle break in order to earn all the show points.




Shop, watch, answer, discover, search and play to earn as many bucks as you like every single day. Add the Swagbucks Chrome extension to your browser and know every time you are minutes away from a deal. Usually, the longer the survey, the more bucks you receive. You can redeem your bucks for prizes, gifts, money, food, charity; you name it, and Swagbucks probably has it.




For no fee at all, SlideJoy will place their lock screen with ads on top of your personal lock screen. All you have to do is use your phone like normal to earn points to redeem for cash, gift cards or donate to charity. You have the option to interact with the ads but that does not increase the amount of points you will receive for opening your phone. You can also personalize the ads a tad so that they are more visually appealing.


Smart Panel 


Connect two or more electronic devices to your account and you are good to go! Smart Panel rewards you every month for just letting the app work in the background. You will need to download the app on all devices and make sure it is constantly syncing. You will earn about $5 per month which will increase to $10 then to $20. You can either cash out to your PayPal account or leave the money in there each month to stack up until you are satisfied with the amount you have earned.


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