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What Being A Millennial Means to Me

Friday, March 23, 2018

Being a millennial means always being underestimated. No one thinks we are good enough, but everyone thinks we are here to save them. How can both be true? How are we the laziest generation ever simply because we are different? We didn't get married at 22. We weren't pregnant at 24 and raising 3 kids by 27. We aren't buying homes because we can't stand to be pinned down. We adopt pets because we long for the companionship other generations are depriving us. But, worst of all, we aren't using the degrees we worked so desperately hard for in college, or, we just didn't attend college at all. 


But, is that all our fault? How can we be blamed for things out of our control? The student debt deficit is atrocious. Financial literacy wasn't well-taught to all. We are either overqualified for jobs because we overachieved in school or companies just aren't hiring at all; and the ones that are hiring aren't paying us what we're worth.


Money stress is causing depression and other mental illness that no one seems to want to talk about except millennials but no one will listen to us because we are millennials. It's a vicious cycle we are force to run but didn't create.


We aren't the problem with today's society. We are the ones causing the uproar that's blocking you from getting to your corporate job on time, honking at us in the process. We are trying to fix the messes that you created, only to get slapped in the face when we fix our mouths to speak our opinion. 


We might be the most liberal generation to ever walk this earth because we care about who gets to benefit from it. And, that should be EVERYONE. We aren't willing to be silenced because other generations have been silenced or have silenced us for too long. We are here to make an impression and that impression is everlasting. We can't be stopped, we won't quit and we love what we're fighting for.


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