BrandBacker Member Ghosting: Who, What and Why

The Who, What and Why of Ghosting

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Ghosting can happen to the best and the worst of us. Sometimes people deserve it. Sometimes it’s just better to act like that first date never happened. It’s the easiest way to get away from someone. You block their number, block them on social media and act like they never existed. But what if your friend did this to you? Someone you’ve known your entire life? Is that okay? Is that something you can excuse when they decide to come traipsing back like nothing ever happened?


I’m going through that with a friend now; a best friend. And, he’s not only doing this to me, he’s doing this to our other best friend; the best friend he started dating only a week ago.


Of course, there’s spurts of disappearing acts within every friendship. But, to disappear entirely, without word, is strange.


We’re women, so, of course, we’ve done the usual: multiple calls and texts, reaching out to friends and family, scouring social media for a trace of our dearly beloved. But, besides his brother saying he’s alive and well, we’ve come up empty.


It seems odd when a friend leaves, but sadly, not all that uncommon. People grow up, they grow apart, they leave. It happens. But, what would cause someone you’ve known your entire life to just not show up? Why make plans if you plan not to show? That is something you can speculate until the end of time.

Ghosting is something you do to random dudes you met at the bar or some girl from Tinder who was a little too weird. But, not your friends. There needs to be a ghosting code for this kind of thing. Thou shalt not ghost thy friends. Or, something like that.

Ghosting is hurtful, in general, though. No matter how long you’ve known someone, ghosting hurts. It leaves behind a river of tears and a heart full of pain. Ghosting causes you to mourn a death that hasn’t actually occurred. It’s just, plain rude.


So, why do people ghost? It’s easy. It’s the easiest, quickest way to get away from something you’ve done to someone that you don’t want to face. You can easily forget about the h