BrandBacker Member When the Sun Meets the Moon

When the Sun Meets the Moon

Thursday, March 1, 2018


You are like the moon, cold and untouchable.

He is like the sun, hot and desirable.

Your paths always cross, but never intertwine.

The clock keeps ticking as you realize that time

Is of the essence and you have to make it quick,

Because if you hesitate at all, the thought will make you sick.

You mumble for hours seeking the words that will make him fall.

Then you finally have them. It’s your call.

This is your game to lose, and you don’t want to quit.

So, you muster up the courage and you muster it quick.

Without hesitation, you travel off your normal path

To strike up a conversation. Soon, he begins to laugh.

The two of you hit it off, so joyous. Who knew,

That if you hadn’t found the courage, you’d still be just you.