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Love: In Every Kind of Way

Thursday, March 1, 2018


If you have ever listened to H.E.R. Vol. 1 or 2, you know how mesmerizing H.E.R essence can be. H.E.R. has a breath-taking presence that can even be felt through the stereo in your car. So, hearing H.E.R. live was an experience, to say the least.


H.E.R. is a child prodigy, an impeccable singer and all about H.E.R. craft. She would rather be an anonymous voice in the wind so that H.E.R. music is the only topic worth talking about. You may know H.E.R. real name, but for now, you don’t really know H.E.R.


She seems to be someone who keeps to H.E.R.self minus a tight circle of trusted friends, family and company execs. There is literally nothing like it. Others have come out this way; anonymous. But, no one else has done it quite like H.E.R. She is the complete package.


H.E.R. set was even better than you’d expect. How often do you get to hear an artist do their ENTIRE repertoire in one sitting? You can’t beat that. Then, every other song, she’s picking up a different instrument. Artists today just are not this talented. Many can barely sing live, let alone play 4 instruments on stage without batting an eye. She really is the real deal.


This didn’t even look like work for H.E.R. She was up there with friends having the best time of H.E.R. life. I’ve never been to a concert where the artist was so genuinely them. H.E.R. was up there with H.E.R. band like my friends and I would have been; getting her twerk on to H.E.R. favorite songs, laughing at H.E.R.self and in total awe of the crowd hanging on H.E.R. every word.


She filled my heart with more in a few consecutive hours than any one person has been able to do in a very long time. I was expecting pure greatness just from the sheer perfection of the albums, but I was not expecting to fall in love. I might not know H.E.R. as well as I would like, but I do thank H.E.R. more than she’ll ever know.




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