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How to Stop Fighting the Inevitable & Learn to Deal with It

Friday, April 6, 2018

Being young(ish) means you can’t always commence the season of change. There will be times when someone is above you, times when someone knows more than you and times when your family still runs the show.


As annoying as that can be, we just have to deal sometimes. So, here’s a little list to help you when you feel like you aren’t in control. 


1. Remember to breathe: The first step in handling anything effectively is to breathe. You can’t get anything done correctly while holding your breath and trying not to over-react. Count backwards from 10 and get to your happy place. Your stress level will begin to dissipate so you can get down to business.


2. Go for a walk: Physical activity and fresh air are too major calming factors. Take your dog and get active. Put on a timer and see how fast you can run a mile. You’ll get a high boost of energy and be able to think with a more level head.


3. Turn on some music: Your favorite song will instantly boost endorphins. Turn it on and dance like no one is watching. Go to the bathroom and belt out your favorite lines real quick. Afterwards, you’ll feel good enough to finish dealing with that minor issue.


4. Take lunch early: Just get yourself out of that situation. Take a long lunch at work and find a nice place to eat outside. The fresh air will do you some good. Take yourself out to eat that evening. Making fun plans will help you forget about what just happened and move on to better things.


5. Do some calming exercises: Yoga, and other forms of stretching, is great for calming the nerves. If you are home and can do a full out routine, break out that mat, find a Youtube video and relax. If you are out, static stretching is always an option. Releasing tension in your body can help release tension in your mind.


You can’t always control your surroundings, but you can control your reactions.



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