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7 Ways to Spot A Lie

Thursday, March 1, 2018

It’s hard to know when to take an excuse as a fact or a lie. When you’re dating someone and they have an excuse for everything, how do you decipher the truth?


1. Body Language: Are they facing you? This can be a clear sign something is up. When you are comfortable with someone, you will face them during conversation.


2. Eye Contact: Can they look you in the eye? If they keep diverting their eyes every time you try to look their way, they could be hiding the truth behind them. You’d know immediately if they let you in.


3. Repetition: Do they keep repeating the same thing? Inability to respond effectively is one of the biggest signs of a lie in action. Don’t let them annoy you to the point that you just give up your search for the truth.


4. Questions: Are all of their answers questions? Don’t let anyone answer you with a question. It’s annoying, it’s rude and it defeats the purpose of the conversation. Dead that immediately.


5. Redirecting: Do they try to turn the conversation on you? You aren’t the reason this conversation started in the first place. Nothing you did caused them to do or say what they did. Grown people make their own grown decisions.


6. Fidgeting: Can they not stand/ sit still? Nervousness can be a sign of lying, or just fear that you won’t believe their truth. Make sure to listen before you make judgement on either side.

7. Subject Change: Do they bring up irrelevant information? If you’re talking about A, don’t let them push you to talk about E until you’re ready.


It’ll always be hard to figure out when someone you love and care about is lying, but with a few tools, you can make the most educated decision for yourself.




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