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Freelance Contributor/ Editor

Stuck on what to write? Can't come up with catchy captions?

Whether it's a short intro, a headline you can't seem to nail down, or a full blog post you just can't spit out, I'm here to take the pressure off.

 Editing: $30/ up to 750 words 

 Contributing: $30/ up to 750 words

| contribute | ghostwrite | content editing |

| newsletter creation | social media content writing |

Social Media Manager

Doing everything yourself is a thing of the past. Outsourcing means more time to tackle the rest of your to-do list, bring your new business venture up to speed, or just spend more time with your loved ones. Social media is the tool that could skyrocket your brand to the next level. It's time to boost your presence!

 Investment: $150/ month + $45/ additional platform

| social media creation | social media strategy | hashtag research |

| brand awareness | copywriting | content creation/ curation |

| post scheduling | community engagement | weekly analytics report |

Influencer Marketing Manager

Marketing yourself to brands is about more than your follower count and Instagram grid. You have to sell yourself (your brand) correctly every single time. You have to know how your brand will speak to theirs and how the two will mesh in a collaboration. I'll create and implement a marketing strategy that works for you. Let me be the liaison between you and

the brands you want to work it.

 Fee: 30% of Sponsored Collab 

| media kit creation | brand research |

| brand outreach | securing sponsored collabs |

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