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About the Founder

I founded Solely Living a few years after I graduated from Spelman College. I felt like my purpose was lacking and was feeling completely lost following in my career in law.


Although I have the most amazing lifelong friends from college and grade school, I just wasn't getting everything I needed to feel secure, happy and healthy. S.L. was created out of that stress and fear of the unknown because I knew my struggles could help another recent college graduate find her place in the real world. 


I am now going on 30 (Oh My Gosh) and am working towards blogging full-time. I live in the amazing metro city of Atlanta with my boyfriend and our 3 adorable pets, Brindle, Indy and My. Fishy. Though writing is my current passion, I grew up with an untouchable love for tennis. I competed all through college and hope to carve out time for an adult team very soon. I deeply miss being on the court and can't imagine how my life would have turned out without it.

About the Brand

Solely Living offers  daily advice, inspiration and fun ideas for living a lifestyle catered to you and your future through relationships, career, finances, food and style. 

S.L.  is a lifestyle blog that embodies everything a millennial needs to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life on a daily basis. Alana, the principal blogger, believes that feeling confused, overwhelmed or misplaced doesn't make you lazy. But, if does make you human. S.L. is constantly evolving because millennials are always changing. As we get older, our struggles may change, but our issue stays the same: Where can we turn for advice, guidance and inspiration?

Solely Living curates articles for readers that want to experience life with a clear mind and  an open heart. From learning to cook one go-to meal, taking care for your mental health, starting a business from the ground up or decorating your home like a pro, Alana provides witty, pithy relatable content for every reader to engage with.


The blog is more than a destination for a quick read and a hearty laugh, it's a lifestyle guide for every millennial woman who wants to experience unlimited success.

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