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So, no one told you this life thing isn't easy? Me either!
Adulting is hard af.. but together it's tolerable.

Solely Living is for women who are tired of living for someone else. It's for those of us who have constantly felt the pressure to prioritize other's happiness over our own. It's for the women ready to prioritize their own lives and live solely for the purpose of creating a well-rounded lifestyle they actually enjoy.

If you are ready to no longer make decisions based on the opinions of others, I'm so happy you're here. Solely Living is a space for us to learn, explore, and grow as individuals so we can all have the experience of feeling whole.

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Meet the Blogger
Alana Nicole

Hi! I'm Alana, the creator of Solely Living. This community formed out of an overwhelmly under enthusiastic lifestyle. I was "living my dream" and yet still didn't feel like me. I wasn't happy in the career I always wanted. I felt stifled in my current relationship. I felt like I was doing everything according to plan but it didn't feel like my plan. My creativity felt like it was slipping through my fingers and I was desperately trying to hold onto it.

Getting back to writing poetry is what brought my life back into prospective. From that moment, I started looking for my why. Why was I so unhappy in the life I had built? Why was I still in a relationship I felt was going nowhere? Why had I let it get this bad? Over the last five years, I've job hopped more than our parents who suggest, lost friends, gained confidence, found my voice, a relationship worth the work, moved out on my own, and started building this brand.

Knowing that it's possible to turn your life on it's head and end up looking right side up is my reason for sharing my experiences and opinions with you.

Are you stuck in a rut? Let's chat.

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